Prizes: ??When Koala Meets Panda?? 2019 China-Australia Youth Short Video Contest

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The short video contest will generate 4 Individual Awards and one final award.

Finalists: On November 10, 2019, finalists will be selected by People's Online Daily Australia based on video's viewing volume on social media, video content and production quality to participate in the next stage.

4 Individual Awards: After the short video collection cut-off date, professional judges will select 4 winners: Best Story Award, Best Editing Award, Best Experience Award and Best Moment Award. Winners will receive a certificate and a prize of $1000.

- Best Story Award: The most touching story with a creative angle. This award aims to encourage participants to dig and tell moving stories about China or Australia and show the unique understanding towards their topics.

- Best Experience Award: Story showing the most unique or interesting experience about China or Australia. This award intends to encourage young people to experience and reflect different culture in the two countries.

- Best Moment Award: The story with innovative shots that interpret the theme ??Hello China?? or ??Hello Australia?? properly. Participants are expected to show authentic feelings and touching details in their daily life to win this award.

- Best Editing Award: Video which is edited and cut creatively. This award requires high standard editing skills which enable vivid visual story-telling.

Final Award: The most viewed video on Chinese social media platforms will win the final ??Most Popular in China?? Award. The winner will be invited to China for a one-week cultural exchange visit.